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Salam beautiful readers!

Wow, finally got the chance to sit down and update my blog :) My 11 months son has kept me real busy lately with his walking progress and teething, hamdullilah :) God is Great, life has been awesome.. ohh! and Eid Mubarak.. Hope y'all had an amazing time with family like I did hehe..

So this thought came up to me today.. and I'd like to share it.

You know, not all of us had an amazing past.. some of us had struggles, misguidance, faith issues, identity issues, etc you name it... I know (personally) some people that used to do all kinds of "bad" (insert your own definition of bad here) stuff but hamdullilah Allah gave them a second chance to rejuvenate their faith and start fresh. Allah is super Merciful that He is always in the look out for people that want to go back on the right track, and with His permission, those people receive their hidayah back! Subhanallah..... With sincere intention and repentance, Allah will surely help you.. He will inshAllah forgive and forget :) 

What I'd like to point out here is the idea of repenting to Allah, and why we don't to people.. 
When you repent to Allah, He (inshAllah) forgive your sins, erase that record as if you've never done it, and let you start fresh! But with people, subhanallah we are such an arrogant creature.. we don't forgive easily, we hold grudges and we are stuck in the past.. 
Yes! admit it.. When you see a friend or family who's doing good now, getting closer to Allah and doing all these da'wahs- don't you rewind to their past and remember what they used to do?!
Personally, I've been called a hypocrite just because I disagreed on something I used to do in the past.. This is sad, because I have repented to Allah (which I don't have to make an announcement for) about this "thing" and obviously I won't do it again or agreed on it but people don't understand this.. Being a hypocrite is if I say NO, but really I'M DOING IT WHEN THEY'RE NOT LOOKING..
For some people this is really difficult, because they are remembered from the wrongs they did in the past.. It saddens me to the heart!

Anyho, we shouldn't judge people EVER, behind a story there's always an untold story, and behind a story there's always three perspectives (my story, your story and the truth) so let's be merciful with others. 
Let not the thought of their past clouds your mind when you're with them, because you never know what's behind all that. Don't assume just understand :) Be happy for them and supportive!

Keep calm and be Modest!

 image taken from islamicthinking.info (credit:farhanabas)

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